How does laughter affect the body and mind?

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Laughter is an expression of happiness. And while laughing, some people may experience red faces, sweat, and shortness of breath. This is because the brain releases the hormone endorphins, which are chemicals of happiness, causing the body to have this reaction. In addition, laughter stimulates the functioning of the facial muscles and various muscles in the body and increases the breathing rate. heart rate including blood pressure levels This results in more oxygen being transported to various tissues, making various organs in the body work better as well.

Although there is no official research that laughter can cure disease. But laughter has been reported to be as beneficial to health as exercise. There are many benefits as follows:ทางเข้า ufabet

Reduce pain, relieve stress, increase happiness

If anyone is facing stress , both physical and mental. Entertaining with fun things can help improve the situation. Because laughter makes the blood circulate better. As a result, various muscles relax and cause the brain to release endorphins. Which in addition to helping relieve pain in the body. It also helps to make you feel good. Look at the world in a more positive light. and help you cope better with depression or anxiety. It has reported that people who use laughter to treat stress tend to think more positively about themselves and are less likely to feel lonely. And research has found that people with dementia can use laughter to treat restlessness. As well as taking psychiatric medications without any harmful side effects.