Casemiro is proud to be an ambassador for an organization helping children.

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Real Madrid midfielder Carlos Casemiro serves as an ambassador for underprivileged children’s organization ‘Save the Children’.

Real Madrid midfielder Carlos Casemiro has revealed. He is proud to be the new ambassador for ‘Save the Children’ a humanitarian organization dedicated to improving children’s lives through education. Better Health Care and Economic Opportunities. As sport reported by Marca on Wednesday. 

‘I had a very difficult childhood. It’s an honor for me to help. UFABET And I know how important it is to do that.’ Casemiro said. ‘Save the Children know they can rely on me.’

Casemiro, along with Save the Children general manager Andrew Kuyt. Met 119 children from 72 impoverished families. 

‘The presence of social references like the casemiro is invaluable to both the boys. And girls we work with and to give a social projection to the reality we live in.’ said Kuyt. ‘It is unacceptable that in a country like Spain. Which is the country with the 4th largest economy in the European Union. There are millions of children living in extreme poverty. This is what we want to end.’ 

“The presence of social references such as Casemiro here is extremely valuable. Both for the boys and girls with whom we work. And for providing social projection to the reality in which we live.” It is unconscionable that. A million children live in extreme poverty in a country like Spain. The fourth largest economy in the European Union. “We must put an end to this.” Conde emphasized.