Busquets is always happy to help Barcelona.

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Sergio Busquets insists he is always ready to help the football club with wage cuts. But prefers to talk privately rather than letting it leak through the media.

Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets, 33, has revealed he is always willing to help the club, especially with wage cuts in the face of financial difficulties. But they want privacy rather than letting it leak through the media. As reported by Marca on Wednesday UFABET

‘I’ve heard a lot of people talk about different things. And when I come back from vacation I don’t know what they will say to me. I want them to talk to me and not have to look up any other way. But I’m always happy to help.’

Busquets was one of the players asked to cut his salary last season, along with Gerard Pique and Jordi Alba, he has confirmed he is open to discussing the issue. say but wants it to be private rather than leaked to the media

‘They didn’t offer us anything. And they don’t say anything to us other than what you hear from yourself (the media). It’s not the best decision to make through the media. But it’s better to do things directly and one-on-one,’ said the 33-year-old midfielder.