Lacazette set to debut Lyon on Thursday.

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France forward Alexandre Lacazette is set to announce himself as a Lyon player again after opting not to renew his contract with Arsenal.

The OL party has scheduled a press conference on Thursday morning local time. The contract is expected to be officially confirmed through the media, according to reports from RMC Sport.

Lacazette will return to his youth team. UFABET After moving from France to football with Arsenal five years ago for 47.7 million pounds.

The former French national team spearheaded to attend training at the Rhone Club. Since he chose not to renew his contract with the Gunners

His move to Arsenal in 2017 aims to become a top striker. with the goal of establishing himself as the main character of the French national team

However, the result was almost the opposite. And in fact, he hasn’t involve with the national team since November 2017.

He has not played in the Champions League since leaving Lyon.

Lacazette has not had a good season at Arsenal and is finding it more and more difficult. To settle down the football path in North London. By scoring only 4 goals this season.

Alexandre Lacazette began playing for LS youth club Lyon in 1998-2003. Then playing for Lyon’s youth club in 2003-2010 before making his way into Lee’s senior team. Yong from 2010-2017 made 203 appearances and scored 100 goals before joining Arsenal in 2017.

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