Liverpool kindly trip to welcome Diaz parents

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Liverpool kindly organized a trip to welcome Diaz parents to celebrate Christmas in England.

Luis Diaz recently scored two goals for the Colombian national team to beat Braville 2-1 in the South American World Cup qualifying round. After the father was release last week. And there are plans to fly to England to celebrate Christmas with my son at the end of the year.

There are reports that Liverpool , a giant team in the Premier League, arrange a special flight for Luis Diaz’s father and mother to travel to Merseyside to celebrate Christmas with their son in England. At the end of this year

Luis Manuel, the father of the Reds winger, was release last weekend. After held for ransom for 12 days by the NLA. He met with his son Diaz before traveling to watch a World Cup qualifying game last Thursday.

A report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet news agency revealed that after the game, Liverpool FC paid for a private plane to fly Luis Diaz’s parents and relatives to the area. Merseyside For security reasons and to allow everyone to spend more time together.

They will arrive at John Lennon Airport on Saturday morning UK time. Meanwhile, the Colombian will return to Liverpool after the game against Paraguay next Tuesday and plans to continue celebrating Christmas together.