Alkmaar apologizes after fans attack West Ham family.

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Alkmaar mean-spirited fans attacked the West Ham players’ family. And friends before the club issued a statement apologizing to the Hammers.

Dutch Eredivisie club Alkmaar issued a statement apologizing for the dark night after their fans attacked the West Ham players’ family and friends who celebrated their success after qualifying. Winner of the Conference League program. According to a report from ESPN on Friday. 

A group of Alkmaar supporters stormed through the barricades to attack the families and friends of the away players who sat in the back-up zone behind the Hammers. Including West Ham players and captain Declan Raiz tried to dissuade and many relatives ran to help. Before the police and security personnel came to stop the incident until everything returned to peace 10 minutes later UFABET

‘While everyone was expecting a historic European game. But it turned into a dark night. Due to the incident when the referee blew the final whistle,’ Alkmaar said in a statement. 

‘It became a night of reminiscence of shame. Not because of the football game played. But because of the behavior of some viewers Unfortunately we can’t use the word fans with these people.’

‘What happened was beyond bounds. The club once again apologizes to West Ham United and the thousands of other goodhearted AZ fans who have suffered this misconduct.’ 

Alkmaar has confirmed that they will work with the police, the prosecutor’s office and the municipality of Alkmaar to investigate what exactly happened. How did it happen and what needs to be improved in the future?