Young people can have a stroke (stroke in the young)

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Stroke is a disease that usually occurs between middle-aged and elderly people. The incidence usually increases with increasing age. It is also a major cause of death and disability for people around the world. It can be found in patients younger than 45 years, which is approximately 5 percent of all stroke patients. Called stroke in the young (stroke in the young).

Causes of stroke in young people: Stroke in young people has risk factors and causes of the disease, including smoking, drinking alcohol. high blood pressure High blood fats, diabetes, heart disease and other causes include congenital and acquired heart problems, ทางเข้า ufabet, hematologic conditions, and diseases related to blood vessel abnormalities (vasculopathies) or from metabolic disorders (metabolic disorders), etc.  Which can occur both ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, with 65 percent of all young stroke patients having a stroke. Ischemic stroke, which is the main cause of a blood clot in the heart. (cardioembolic) and large artery atherosclerosis.

Symptoms of stroke that can be observe are:

  • F (Face) has a crooked mouth. Or there is saliva flowing from the corner of the mouth.
  • A (Arm) has weakness in one half of the arms and legs.
  • S (Speech) has a stiff tongue, cannot speak clearly, or cannot think of words.
  • T (Time) if you have these symptoms You should rush to the hospital as soon as possible.

    Treatment for stroke varies according to the cause and severity of the disease. Therefore, the important thing in treating stroke in the young is to quickly and comprehensively determine the cause in detail. Specialized medical team This will greatly reduce the chance of paralysis, paralysis, disability or death.

    For methods of prevention in order not to have a stroke during working age.

    • Check your blood pressure regularly. and control it to a normal level
    • Control your weight to be within normal limits. Lose weight when it starts to get too high.
    • Exercise regularly Especially cardio exercise
    • Choose food By reducing foods that are high in cholesterol and saturated fat, salty, oily, sugary foods, fast food, and processed foods. Focus on eating more unsweetened vegetables and fruits.
    • Reduce alcohol consumption
    • avoid smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke and do not use drugs
    • Annual health check every year